SLE Electronics USA, Inc.

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SLE Electronics USA, Inc.

Our specialty is Quality control systems for wire harness manufacturing
SLE: “Continuous quality assurance in every phase of production is a competitive factor of ever-increasing importance.”

SLE Electronic USA maintains strict standards to meet customers’ needs in terms of quality, function, price, timing and environmental compatibility.

There are many industries that demand quality in the products and services they receive from suppliers, but some have stricter standards than others. The automotive, medical and aerospace markets, for example, have such high standards that suppliers must have special certifications for manufacturing components for customers in those fields, and suppliers must submit to ongoing audits to ensure their processes and systems are structured to eliminate as many errors as possible.

SLE Electronic USA understands these standards well, and has been supplying customers in the automotive, medical, aerospace and appliance markets since its inception in 1992. SLE is a global leader in the provision of state-of-the-art technology to wire harness manufacturers, and maintains this market position by specializing in supplying devices for quality control inspection and providing “unique solutions” for quality control during cable processing.

“Product, service and innovation are what we are all about,” the company says. “Our unique technology is implemented and supported by our dedicated team of service professionals. Our systems have been applied and accepted throughout the world in all of the major manufacturing industries.”

SLE Electronic is based in Germany to serve the European wire harness industry, but also has offices in Singapore and China to serve the Asian markets. The company’s U.S. operations were established in 1997 in El Paso, Texas, as SLE Electronic USA. The Texas operations serve North and South America and combined, all of the SLE offices “guarantee comprehensive worldwide customer support,” it says.


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